The World First Anime Token

Revolutionizing the Cryptoverse

We aim to revolutionize the cryptoverse by creating a matchless ecosystem combined with an own blockchain.

About Luffy

Luffy is a community-driven token built on the most secure and well-established blockchains Ethereum and BNB Chain, allowing investors to stay decentralized.

Feature In

Our Team

Our team takes a proactive approach to keep our investors up to date with our development progress and marketing plans.

Our Ecosystems

The Luffy ecosystem focuses on covering all needs of crypto investors, gamers and anime fans by creating multiple utilities.

Anime Earn

Staking platform for Luffy Investors to earn passive incomes.

Luffy NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace for Anime and Manga related digital art.

Land of Kai

3D Open-World RPG & P2E game in cooperation with Kainet token.

Anime Swap

Create and manage your wallets on the Ethereum blockchain.

Anime Dext

A powerful web-platform for token charts with unique safety features.

Anime Mask

Advanced DeFi multi-chain platform to buy crypto, stake and more.

Multiverse Studio

VR Events where users can participate on several events on the multiverse.

Crypto Academy

A crypto-related online academy where students earn by learning.

Mechero Project

Racing P2E Game & 5,555 NFT Collections with over 150 attributes

Anime Chain

A protocol for building & connecting all meme & anime tokens.


Luffy has a creative burning mechanism; more than 31 % of the total supply has been burnt and the burning rate is expected to reach 70% by the end of 2025, thanks to the monthly burn event and successive milestone burns.


LUFFY has consistently delivered on each prom­ise since its launch. Our goal is to establish a credi­ble token with real-world utilities. Our dedication is unmatched. We will not relinquish our efforts and continuously update our roadmap as new innova­tions occur.

Our Partners

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller